Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for.... Cameron's Tiny Men

At the risk of this being a bit of a cop-out post, C is for Cameron's Tiny Men.

Cameron is one of my nerdtime friends. I first met him in the local  game store playing flames of war a number of years ago and our gaming group has grown over time. One of the best parts of table top gaming with Cameron is that he is a super prolific painter, and tends to accumulate both sides of a force so he can host a game. I've tried out more systems, and played more games that he has hosted than I've ever probably ever played at my own place.

He's very open to trying almost any game system and experimenting with new ones a couple times even if the learning slope is pretty steep. I must say that what I've found I like in a game system seems to align with things he likes.....not sure if this is a case of independently discovered, or highly influenced (in this case I'm being influenced). The important values are around friction (your troops don't always do want you want them to do/it's hard to activate them), random/semi-random ordering of who goes next (activating units by flipping cards, or the ability for the turn to suddenly end without all units having acted), and fog of war (imprecise knowledge of troops versus the omniscient 100ft general).

It's sorta annoying being friends with numerous people who paint much better than you. On one hand it's helpful when you need to consult on recommendations for color, or products, or how to deal with that damned yellow color. On the other hand...gah! All their stuff looks better than yours. Bah. (EDIT: putting in the pics I ripped off his blog reminds me of how great his stuff ends up looking. The plaids on the 15mm warriors are sick).

Additional awesome-ness is that Cameron has a pretty sweet camera and light box and is able to document what he has painted (and often played). This has some great results for his sparse blog posts....lots of eye candy that is original work.

Anyway, big props to Cameron's blog and his gorgeous pictures.

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