Friday, January 2, 2015

2014/2015 Mandatory Resolution Post

I realize it will be nonsensical to post this if I wait much longer. I usually have a bit more reflective time around the holidays, but there was much family in town this year, and more shifts than normal.
I'll look at my simple nerd list of resolutions, rather than investigating the longer one I keep in evernote.

1/. Run a traveller game
2/. GM a (minimum) 6 game story arc
3/. Paint a French 15mm Naps Corp
4/. Play 12 games

1/. Total Fail. The beginning of the year was dominated by (Savage Worlds) Space 1889 (till April). I managed to run an (4 week) intro to Torchbearer, which is actually quite fun, although I think it probably needs a special group (which our regular group doesn't quite hit). Another one of the players has been stoked and wanting to run lowlife (also in savage worlds) for a long time, so he started that in May and it's still going.

I've decided I prefer, and been advocating for, shorter story arcs (2 or 3 months) and then switch games. If it's popular we will return, if not, then move on. Our current game should end and then I hope to run something. I doubt there will be an appetite for traveller, but possible stars without number (I think people like leveling up too much to play traveller).

2/.  Success! The torchbearer game was only 3 or 4 weeks. I did however run a pretty sweet Red Tides game with a pair of out of town friends via skype/hangouts. It died off in the fall when we all got busy with new jobs. It's possible it might pick up again....but perhaps not.

3/. Fail. I actually have a huge lot of mostly painted 15mm french old gaurd, AND great coat guys. There's also a whack of horse artillerists. The plethora of partially painted projects around here is prompting a new resolution (below). I think I may finish this resolution this year. I really only need to paint up some cavalry (which was a mental and spiritual block) and some higher level command figs (usually mounted and thus problematic at the moment).

Arguably I finished a russian corp (in 28mm) but the number of figs is so low that it's a bit false to try and wedge that into this one.

4/. Success. A pleasant surprise actually. Looking at my totals I played 19 wargames this year. Including, for the first time, some heavy gear and volley and bayonet. Other notable games were gruntz, pulp alley and alpha strike. Hopefully I can bump this number up in 2015.

In addition, I managed 8 board games, and near weekly (averaged) role playing games.

Summary: 2 of 4. An unmentioned goal was getting married this year, which was successful as well. The planning, wedding, honeymoon, moving, etc put a crimp on hobbying in the early summer, and I didn't really recover for quite a while. I forsee a dark period in the hobby time when I have kids which I imagine will happen in the next few years. I'm really hoping to bang out some high productivity over the next year or two so I've got sufficient toys finished to play more games, even if I lose time to paint.

The plan for 2015
1/. Play 12 wargames (playing it safe with this one)
2/.Focus on partially painted painted items (a bit vague, but I hope it will tend to prevent me from starting new things, when I could be finishing off old)
3/. Paint log I can present at the end of the year. Create as I go. (I'd like to have a numerical value of what I've done. I could MAYBE do it now.....but there are so many 1/2 finished projects that I don't know how to count them. It will feeling cheating to fully count them as I finish this year, but oh well. I saw a few blogs with pics of glory of everything done in a year.....and I'd like to be able to do that as well.)
4/. Fully paint a project I can host solo. (The ambitious one. I really dig when I can show up and simply play a game with someone with their models. I'd like to finish up enough figs and terrain to be able to do the same. I HAVE multiple projects that should be able to meet this requirement, it's just a matter of getting them done/together)


  1. Firstly, congratulations on getting married! And I can assure you, children put a huge dent in productivity! As to last years goals, the reason they're called goals and not deadlines is so we kind of have a guidance, not a "I HAVE to get this done" which takes away from the pleasure of the hobby. 2015 will be a good year!

    Quick question, I've played WW2 CY6, how do you like Jet Age vs WW2?

    1. I haven't actually gotten to play yet! I played CY6 4 or 5 times at the club with various ww2 scenarios. I liked it quite a bit. My one complaint is that they play with the super limited fire arcs (more limited than the limited option in the book). This wouldn't be such a problem, except the scenarios are usually to shoot down bombers before they cross the map. I find it's almost impossible to do.....which besides inexperience I chalk up to having less firing options over the course of the game. Probably needs to extend the turns/length of the mat.

      Hopefully I'll get organized this year and finish the flight stands so I can get in a game and report back to you.