Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Choosing resolutions for the year , if one is to do it "right", can be a challenging task. It's far to easy to either make them unachievable, or too easy. To some degree I figure if you are getting all of your resolutions met (I can't imagine anyone who actually does) you are low balling your targets. One the other hand, it's nice to have some successes.

Following last years resolutions, I break things into domains: Money matters, Hobby, Health/Excercise, and Family. I figure these are the areas of grief for most people so are good ones to have targets for improvement

Money Matters
1/. Save the same as last year
2/. max rrsp contribution for the year
3/. Get a roommate to minimize rent

The 3rd will certainly enable the first two. I'm looking at a more ambitious saving target this year simply because of the rrsp thing. It may be overally ambitious however, it seems like everything is getting more expensive this year. I suppose the only advantage is that our work week has lengthened by 1.5 hours per week starting in april, so that will help generate some extra income.

- Complete the February fab ab final day at some point in the year (100 sit ups, 25 pushups, 2min plank).

Obviously the situps are the hard part.

- Continue with art deco project
- Play a game with my brother
My brother who is 4 years older than me was how I was exposed to d&d, warhammer 40k, and car wars. Although his interest was mostly in painting mini's and waned eventually I think he still finds the stuff cool to look at. It'd be cool to get him to play some sort of game with him (at the minimum I know he wants to play Illuminati) 
-paint a skirmish force
-play 6 board games, play 6 wargames
-No net increase in bookshelf space of nerdery
-Half nerd costs from last year
The skirmish force is an failed target for 2012
6 boards games, 6 wargames will help ensure I get in some real miniature play. I think I cheated a bit in 2012 when my intention was to play with minis more and I filled my required mostly with boardgames. 
The no net increase resolution is because I'm a sucker for new rules sets. I have, at least, been reducing what I buy to rules for minis I own (but aren't painted/assembled). I'd like to reduce my acquisition rate for all nerdery this year....
...which leads to the last resolution. Half my costs. This is gross costs, so even if I sell stuff it doesn't increase what I get to buy. I'm going to hedge a bit and move my costs from today to last year (as it was a deferred purchase) but I still think this might be a challenging one. Working within a budget will probably be good for me and force me to pre-plan my purchases a bit better. I'm hoping to get a castle as some point which would be a large hit to the budget as well.

Possible but didn't make the cut:
-1 in 1 out. Must either paint or sell something before getting more figs. ......This one is highly ambitious I think. I'm working up towards it I hope. Having divested myself of a dark elf army, epic imperial guard and orcs and some other small stuff I'm hoping I'm turning the corner on acquisitions and heading in this way. Perhaps next year.

-Some sort of specific project resolution. I've got a number of ideas that I'd like to do, but the priority and passion is often fluctuating. Hopefully I can move towards finishing a specific paint/hobby project this year without a resolution.

-Some sort of blog resolution. Erm.....unlikely to be met. I'm hoping to use the blog to post about all sorts of hobby nonsense including rpg logs etc, but I think blogs are notorious for going silent at times.

Cop out resolutions that were rejected
-Continue swing dancing. (this is too easy)
-Take a butchery class (already booked for February! Stay tuned for pictures)
-Bike to work 1/week. (I think it's a habit now, and I'm probably going to get rid of my transit pass....didn't use it enough to make it worthwhile)

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