Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I had 7 resolution for 2012. I decided to break them up into domains of life (as I figured these are usually the areas that cause people grief, and health/exercise is a traditional resolution area). As 3 of the 7 are game/hobby related I'm going to get side tracked and hit them all.

-Save and couple of grand and max rrsp.
2 for 2. 
Successes - This was a bit of a cop out as my RRSP max was only 800$ this year. I got a hose job on a rental property the previous year which reduced my apparent income (thankfully I got out from under that albatross. I doubt I'll ever own a rental property away from where I live again)

Failures. I didn't bother to find a new roommate after my last one moved out with his girlfriend in May. I could have done better with savings (and buffed the frivilous spending) with a rent helper.

-Inventory figs
-paint 1 skirmish gang
-play 6 board/tabletop games
#1 killteamx2
#2 operation squad forward
#3 ticket to ride-multiple times
#4 trumpeter salute - westras panzer game
#5 unhappy king charles
#6 too fat lardies ww2 game
#7 descent
#8 mansions of madness
#9 descent
#10 Runequest
#11 kids game and zombiecide

1 for 3.
Successes. I managed to get in a fair number of games which I'm pleased about. I think I missed a few games over the year. 
Unsung hero.  I've been playing a TON of rpg's this year. Everything from DCC, Osric, savage 1889, dark heresy, gamma world, darksun, and star wars. I was pretty burnt out as a GM coming into 2012 after running a highly convoluted dark heresy campaign that was well received by my players so I barely GM'd this year. I think I'd like that to change for 2013.

The inventory has had major progress....but it's certainly not complete. I've also been trying to reduce the collection some, so hopefully that will help as well. Probably an item to carry forward. 

Painting a skirmish gang. I honestly don't think I've completed painting ANYTHING this year. I've made good progress in assembling and cleaning many things, I've partially painted a lot, but I've not actually finished anything. It didn't help that our mordheim games stopped after the winter of 2011. I have a partially finished gang, so I will carry this one forward as well.

Bike to work 1 per week.
1 for 1
Successes. I'm going to give myself this one....averaged over the year. Certain weeks with snow were impossible as were holiday weeks. I'm sure I fell off the wagon a few times, but I've been making the occasional ride in november and december. 
Unsung hero.  I started to swing dance with my gf in the early summer (weekly classes). It's been amazing. I'm sorta hoping that swing will take off again in popularity and we get to be early adopters and 'cool' for a bit. I remember being jealous of the swing dancers back during the last surge and wishing I knew how to do it.
Learn about art deco
0 for 1
Failures. This is a code named project. It was a fairly ambitious project which required, at the minimum, a lot of learning on my part. I sorta doubt it will happen as I envisioned it originally, which is a shame, I'm hoping money I've invested into the project won't go to waste and can be co-opted into something new and cool. 

4 for 7!  Not half bad (scraping by though). I could probably give myself some partial credits here but I'll be virtuous and call failures failures.

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