Thursday, January 31, 2013

Real Life intrudes

As to be expected, real life intrudes into our gaming hobby and stalls everything out periodically. Last weekend I attended the Rythmn City mess around (RCMA), a weekend long set of social dances and day time work shops. It was pretty amazing seeing all the great dancers, but it was also totally draining. I was a bit of a zombie through all this week.

I managed to get some videos of the the event. While the review videos might be of interest to those who do swing dance, the Jack and Jill competition videos are of much more entertainment value. Particularly the solos.

In other news, the Napoleonics online campaign I've been involved with has been on pause for just over a week now. There's a battle that needs to be gamed out. Many of us aren't in a position either with opponents or figs to play it. Gavin is planning to, but has started a new job so he's been a bit delayed as well. Apparently on Wednesday they managed to get a game in, but it was more of a rules refresher. They should be gaming it out within a week and we can resume the game. It's a good thing I keep extensive notes on what I'm doing....hopefully my marshals will be able to manage the break as well.

I've been inspired to resume the painting of my 15mm napoleonic french. It's terribly involved trying to get the uniforms correct. I remember being slightly at a loss when I first started painting ww2.....the pageantry of the napoleonic uniforms crushes the drab of later wars. It's a pain in the ass to create on figs though. More on that some other post.

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