Sunday, May 5, 2013

1/3 of the year summary

I suppose it's worthwhile to add a summary post being a 1/3 or the way through the year.

January, for whatever reason, was a great month for painting and modeling in general. I managed to keep up the momentum into much of february, but slowed down towards the end of the month.

March was a write off for painting, and thus the habit was broken. My family cat ended up having a tumor that required it to be put down and my scooter was stolen. Fantastic end to the month.

April was a horrendously crappy month for me with work. We transferred over to a new schedule (that everyone largely agrees sucks) in January and I think the pace finally caught up with me. It's possible the lengthy winter and unending grim economic news were getting to me as well. In any event I crapped out that month and even stopped doing a lot of non gaming activities that I enjoy. Swing dance being a notable one. Gone were the 2 nights a none! I finally started to have more energy and verve in the last week of the month and am starting to feel myself. I'm also holding on for another 2 weeks till my vacation arrives.

Osric: Our games have been a bit more spotty since the GM is much busier with a tiring fulltime job at a grocery store and his gf (the other key player along with me) is fairly busy with school again. We have gotten in a couple of games, but like today, there are sudden cancellation from time to time.

Savage 1889: I haven't really bothered to write up anything for our 1889 campaign (which is a local face to face campaign). I started to one day, and realized there was so much back story I ended up despairing and stopped writing. We have been fairly diligent about getting in a game a week, but we are facing a gap soon. One player is out of commission for 2 weeks followed by a 2 week vacation. I'm gone for vacation just after he returns.

Tabletop wargaming: I managed to get in a battletech game on Friday at the local gaming society night. Brian (the 1889 GM) and I played a company(?  3 lances) of light mechs that were raiding and destroying some high value target vehicles (artillery and hq escorted by tanks) that were fleeing down a road towards a heavy lance. We managed to do pretty well, killing 3 of the 4 high value targets and MIGHT have been able to finish the job but we had to call the game with the time to play being up (closing in on 11 or midnight). About a year ago we played some games of battletech which I had found quite enjoyable...they are usually finished in a swift manner (if they are smallish) and you can sometimes get in 2 games.

My largest complaint with the game (given the small number of games I've played) is that it's so freaking hard to understand what you need and what era to play etc as someone interested in maybe getting the game. Also the minis are a bit expensive (11-15$ per) so you don't want to make a mistake. I spent a few hours looking up stuff and it might be worthwhile to get the introductory box, a few metal figs, and play a campaign out of sword and dragon. There is some blog that appears to be doing something like this which is a source of inspiration.

A-to-Z challenge: Holy crap this was hard! About a quarter of the way through I started to fall off the bandwagon and need to catch up on sunday. Once I got into my funk it was all over. Even in the absence of that it'd still have been iffy. Certain letters I was simply stumped on. Working on a theme is even more challenging. I think I'll need to pre think this if before I try next year. I have huge respect for those who manage to pull it off.

PBEM Naps: The campaign ended up taking on a major hiatus after the first battle. It looked like it had died in fact. A large component was that Gavin has a new, hard, job with a terrible commute. I think the absence of most of the players being able to game out the fights was probably a tough blow too. A large problem was how to convert the battle results back to the system. It's interesting to me that Paul Leniston had a post talking specifically about how his system is built from the table up to the campaign and that he thinks this challenge (results to campaign) is a major barrier often. Apparently true in our case.

In any event, it appears there may be a game resurrection. Gavin is back, one turn has been fired off, and most of the french players are back. We appear to be one short (of 7) and one (of 2 or 3) allied players are missing. We have taken the weekend to see if there is any word from either. Crossing my fingers this one lurches back into life.

Future Plans:
I'm definitely feeling split by a lot of shiny new projects. I'm hoping to get in some battle tech games again, and I may try some DBA with Brian while the 1889 game is on hiatus.

I think I should buckle down and continue to work on my naps figures, as it'd be amazing to 'finish' my french army. And I have an open invitation with another local gamer to play some napoleon's battles when I have enough ready. We intend to try Marengo for a good intro game. He is another player I met from Malcolm's online game (which inspired Gavin's game).

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