Friday, May 10, 2013

Your Imperial Majesty.....

From IV Corp Hq - Burgos
Date: 17 March
Time: 1352
To: Emporer Napoleon Bonaparte presumed at Paris

Your Imperial Majesty,

I write to you to inform you of contact with the enemy. Marshal Victor has done himself great honors in defeating a host of British-Portugese troops in the field. While heavily outnumbered he managed to inflict approximately 8000 casualties to the enemy while losing 4200 valiant french soldiers. Alas great numbers forced him to withdraw in the night back toward Burgos.

We have rumor of the General Wellington operating in the area, and believe him to be to our west with approximately 28000 troops. I hope my next correspondence to report a similar bleeding of the red devils.

The fortresses of Zaragoz, San Sebastien, Pamplona, and Burgos have all been invested by our forces but hold out yet for relief. We have rumor that Catalonia has fallen to the vigorous actions of Marechal Bessieres.

I regret to inform you that the actions of Marachel Augereau have been extremely disappointing. His forces moved with sufficient elan to invest the fortress of Zaragoz, but he has since languished there, not deign to respond to messages requesting his status, nor encouraging him to move on to meet his objectives.
I ask for your imperial majesties permission to replace the command of his troops with a more vigourous commander, and reassign Augereau to a post closer to the capital.....where perhaps he can answer what has been occupying his time and attention.


Marechal Lefebvre

Our campaign having restarted still is lacking the command for one of the French marshals. It's a bit of a bother as it's a spanner in my master plan. Ah well. I'll give it a few more days in game time for the messenger to reach Paris, and then perhaps the GM will re-assign the command. 

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