Sunday, March 1, 2015

6MMRPC Week 26: Bones Stone Golem

Final Week of the 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge! I'm sure I'll get up a post later in the week on that. I was, unfortunately but perhaps in common with large segments of the population, laid low by sickness this week. In a late week rally I managed to get 2 figures done. This guy, and my submission for Caffeineforge's Miniature Monday which I'll post Wednesday (don't want to pre-empt the reveal on Mondays).

This guy is another one of the Bones miniatures which I have recently (much delayed) started on. They are sorta fun in a way as I have but a week to do them, and I try some new (to me) painting techniques on them. I also didn't really 'choose' them, so there are lots of figs I probably wouldn't have bought on my own. Fun stuff.

I was hoping to make a jade type colouring scheme. One recipe I found on the interwebz suggests highlighting in green on the lower ridges (sorta an inverted highlight), which suggests light transmission. I tried this....and probably should have done more gradation. I didn't have time or the commitment. I think I'd need to experiment with blending which I haven't been brave enough to face.

I tried to free hand an eye of osiris on the belt buckle, but it's pretty much too small to see in real life, never mind this picture. 

My wife was lukewarm on the effect, and I'm a bit uncertain as to my results this week as well. Comments welcome!

Postscript: I tracked down the Caffeineforge results from the same mini here. I must say it's quite interesting to see how many people chose to do a similar green scheme. One of the most interesting parts of the weekly submission is seeing what others have chosen to do.


  1. Hulk Smash! I really like your translucent green effect, I tried something similar on weirdstone markers for Mordheim. Not easy to do!

    1. Haha. The write up I looked at made it seem so easy.....alas you are right. Darn tricky! I wonder if Hulk was a subconscious influence. This guy seems very frankenstein to me. Maybe more Herman Munster?

  2. I get the Herman Munster influence too in this one.

    I like it - the extreme highlights may not be as smooth as you are wishing this close up, but keep in mind that from arm's length distance (Or about 3 feet and more) I bet he looks smashing.

    1. Tabletop standard to the rescue! In all seriousness you are probably correct, it's easy to be much more critical with your eyeball 6 inches away and/or a close up camera shot.