Monday, March 9, 2015

Reaper Bones: Ghoul Queen

I managed to while away most of my time this week fairly unproductively painting wise (Video games and roleplaying games were pretty successful though). At the end of the weekend, racing a deadline of getting enough sleep for monday (and losing an hour by the time switch thief!), I managed to bang out this mini.

 I did some editing of the figure, as I didn't like her floating sword behind her, nor the strange whispy things coming off her back. I suppose it was supposed to be a floating sword of something, but I lopped it all off, and the head of the sword as well, and firmly jammed it into the scabbard.

I took out her little horns as well, but left the strange bony mantle thing. I suppose it appeals to me from a warcraft esthetic.

I'm fairly happy with how the skin tones came out. I think the model looks a bit better in person than in these pictures. I ran out of time to make the back look better (a simple wash would have helped, and I feel now I should have highlighted the leather, and put a dot of colour in her eyes. Maybe even some colour to the lips. It's possible I'll go back.....but more likely I will keep forging ahead. There are a LOT of bones I need to do.


  1. You shoved your sword in her scabbard??? Oo err missus...

    But I digress - I like the changes you've made to this fig and the paint job makes her look rather creepy. Give her some "The Crow" weepy black running mascara effect under her eyes for fun.

    1. Yes indeed, I definitely set that up. Criminal not to make fun of me on that one....

      Weepy mascara could look very cool. Great idea there.