Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reaper Bones: Barnabus

I've decided to try working back in time to the caffeine forge blog reaper bones painting schedule (hopefully that makes sense). I'm trying to keep up with the weekly fig, but I decided to start catching up with the other folks by going back and doing what I've missed.

My first hop backwards (skipping one fig for now) is Barnabus. Obviously a pirate sea captain of some means. What the heck are the bevy of skeleton keys for? There's also a hint of a leather jacket under his coat to help him survive those pressing melee's on the high seas.

I rather like the sculpt of his sea coat and it turned out quite well. I passed up white and red striped pantaloons, but it was probably the right decision. I was undecided about leaving his hair black with no highlights, but I think it turned out well enough....a young and hungry captain this.

I think my biggest disappointment was his hand gun. The molding was a little wonky, and the colours didn't turn out super great.  Also the basing as stone instead of wood decking, for such an obvious naval man, was a bit weird. Oh well.

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