Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6MMRPC: Week 26.5 Reaper Bones Grandmother

My weekly submission for the Caffeineforge Miniature Monday (a weekly Bones mini paint up).

This week it was a civilian, which was a fun change. My colourations obviously don't suggest a grandmother, but a younger domestic. The eyes I was quite happy with because eyes are so fantastically difficult.....and they are looking the same way, and the dots are dots. My wife helpfully noted that she has creepy eyes. This, unfortunately, is true. Bah. I'm still happy with the technical results, if not the final result.

Free handing the white trim was fin, although with all the ruffles I don't think it's perfectly accurate. There's also a few smears of overly thick paint, but it came out pretty well.

I'm relatively happy with the colours. I note now that I missed painting the band on the broom head, and her blonde hair doesn't pop quite enough (probably need to end with a tiny highlight of white). The ground was painted grey to suggest a slate or tile floor that would make sense to sweep.

A fun little mini here that was an easy project to paint.


  1. I like her. The freehand on her skirts looks great.

    1. It would be a fairly plain dress otherwise. There's just one or two thick bits that annoy me, but otherwise it's a great detail.