Sunday, February 22, 2015

6MMRPC: Week 25 Stony Head Terrain (Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear)

A bit of a disappointing week painting wise. I managed to finish my fig for the caffeineforge weekly posting (which I'll reveal Wednesday), but I wasn't super happy with it's appearance. Similarly, these figs were pretty easy to paint up, but I'm just not too jazzed about them. I think part of the challenge is I want them system, size, and location agnostic...which prevents me from doing too many details. I don't want vegetation b/c they may show up in a dessert or badland. Similarly, bird droppings may tighten up the size or terrain biome they would be in. Bah.

These two guys are resin heads produced by dream pod 9 (makers of heavy gear). I picked them up in a lot auction off ebay and they both come in a single clamshell pack. I attached them to a sampler pack of bases I got from and based with sand.

While working on another fig I painted the sand dark brown....which really didn't work very well for my normal yellow bone/khaki dry brush forumula (normally over black). The other base (squat guy) I tried to make brown ish to match the badland mounds I made previously with the hint of red in the brown. I think it's the better basing scheme in this case.


  1. Interesting. Would make for some cool scenery in a rpg. Or Labyrinth-type movie. :)

    1. I was thinking jungles and tropical islands. Maybe pulp or pirates. The cool thing about these heads is they can be used in lots of capacities.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! They are fun little models.