Thursday, February 12, 2015

6MMRPC: Week 23.5 Vaeloth Reaper Bones

Inspired by David (Tower of the Archmage) I broke out some reaper bones that I have collecting dust in my closet.  Caffeineforge does a regular weekly posting of a single miniatures (with the order determined more than a month in advance) painted by multiple different painters. Their skills seem around my own, so it's quite a treat to paint something, and then see what other folk have done with it conceptually and technically.

I managed to find about the first 10 of the bones in the list, wash them up (apparently the release agents can do weird things to your primer and/or cause the paint not to stick for long), prime, and paint the first one. It was a bit of a race on Sunday to try and get him finished, and pictured before the deadline.

David (another one!) at Caffeineforge only posts a single pic, so I had to download GIMP (a free photoshop program) and futz about to get a single picture with 3 views.

Unfortunately, the figure has no nose (this is not too uncommon with bones) so his face looks a bit funny. I decided to make his wolf pelt that of a hellhound, and contemplated trying to free hand a wolf muzzle on the shield. I didn't feel up to it and went with a classic chaos sign from the warhammer universe.

Red and bronzes go well together. I didn't want to overpower the fig with metalics though, so I stayed with a leather for the armour (despite the fact it's entirely nonsensical to have leather over metal rather than vis versa). I even tried to paint the eyes...which went about as poorly as expected, but without experimenting, you won't get better. Overall I'm pretty happy with this one. 


  1. Some sort of Tiefling type?

    I like the colours very much. Lends well to the sculpt.

    eyes are indeed a b1tch to paint. I find I manage to get one right where I want it, but the 2nd NEVER turns out the same! Very frustrating.

    1. Yah, I'm pretty sure the fig is a tiefling....which helped inform the colour choices. It's sorta tricky to try and pick things you think will be different from what others may choose. Maybe I'm over thinking it though.

      I'm pretty sure neither of my eyes are going the correct direction =p.