Wednesday, February 18, 2015

6MMRPC: Week 24.5 Battle Golem Bones

The second week of my participation in the Caffeineforge roundup. This week the fig was the Battle Golem. I decided I wanted this guy to look very distressed. He very much appears to be a made of metal, so metallics would obviously feature prominently. I started with a mix of bronze and what would be iron. The sword (after soliciting opinions in the house) was a bright blue/white. I had hoped for more pop/shiny/gloss on the sword (meant to be totally un-distressed)....but close enough.

I toned the bronze down with some vallejo smoke, which has a nice effect to darken and grubby things up. After that I highlighted back up with the bronze (quite noticeable on the shoulder), and honed steel on the iron areas.

Then I got to work. I tried to do a verdigris effect, which I thought turned out fairly well. It's a bit harrowing at time how BLUE everything is getting. After hitting it with some smoke again, it calmed down.....perhaps too much.

The rust is a fantastic rust effect paint I have and love to use....simply paint and go. I think it's alcohol based, as it dries quickly and rustifies as it dries.

I'm very pleased with this 'old warrior'.


  1. And you should be pleased cos he looks just fine. well done.

  2. Looks great! What's this "rust effect paint" then?

    1. Glad that you asked! Actually, I was wondering if I should include the link or not.
      That (above) has a link to where I found the writeup originally.

      This next link shows my use of it on some metal fittings on a broken town stone tower (click on the pics of the top floor and the iron gate to see better).