Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DBA French Indian Wars - The booze must get through! (preamble)

Fort Wo-blee gate has been sustained through many a winter by their regular beer and rum ration. Lately the hard road has turned more hostile, and numerous shipments have mysteriously disappeared! The garrison is in crisis, with formations crisper than ever, drill faster, and morale in the gutter. The ration must get through to survive the winter!
 A view of the long road and heavy vegetation the fort guards. The fort dominates these prime agricultural lands, and the few deer and beaver residents from the rapacious French to the North.
 Our good provinical british subjects, having been reinforced with a small group of regulars and their contingent of guard and cannon will escort this critical booze shipment.

Local rangers have agreed to help blaze the trail and scout ahead for trouble.

After a long tiring trip, the column is finally on the last leg of the journey. The pace slackens a bit, and the lethargy imposed by the long day soften the senses of our troops.

Yet in the depths of the wood, the perfidous french await, and their indian allies hide under cleverly camouflaged 'blind' bases.


  1. Beautiful minis and scenery (seems too nice to just call it "terrain"). Is a young George Washington in there?

    DBA is attractive due to its universality, though it seems a little dry and "mathy" to me. Must revisit . . .

    1. It is not, unfortunately, my gear. Doug (over at dots of paint blog) has lots of great eye candy to play with.

      I've only played DBA a handful of times. I like the ability to get in a few games in a short period of time. Lots of people seem to know it as well. From what I gather, it's a nightmare to play against fiddly/gamey players who count the last millimeter. I've found with the right opponents, it's quite charming.

  2. A beautiful DBA army, and great looking picutres as well!